Alfred Beernitz

The mysterious personage of the Jeseník native, beer inventor and alchemist Alfred Beernitz, is breaking into the light of day after years of oblivion. The tiny man (only 139 cm) continues to stir amazement and fascination with his life story, work and mysterious disappearance. Historically, he has been credited with a range of ideas, such as the invention of the Small beer, the Microbrewery, but also with his research in the elixir of longevity which is still shrouded in the mystery of the Omnipotus Fellowship.

The life of the Mysterious Inventor

1875 *

1875 Birth of Alfred Beernitz

His mother delivers Alfred on a train en route from Vienna to Jeseník. The family has to finish the journey on a horse-drawn wagon, as the railway to Jeseník is still only a dream. Despite that, Alfred officially becomes a native of Jeseník.


Alfred Starts Primary School in Jeseník

Alfred Starts Primary School in Jeseník


Alfred fights his handicap

Alfred visibly becomes aware of his handicap. Lacking in growth and remaining smaller than all of his classmates, he experiences the occasional ridicule. Alfred tries to compensate for his stature by inventiveness and ingenuity, starting a period of boyish contraptions and inventions which gain the respect of his peers.


First Encounters with the Mysterious

The first encounter of the young Alfred with the mysterious - an eerie encounter with an unknown being at the top of the Zlatý Chlum hill. The experience was witnessed by Alfred's friends Konrád and Hynek who were also present.


Plays with Chemistry

Alfred gets a set of chemist's flasks, a burner lamp and other laboratory equipment for beginners from his father for Christmas. This moment marks the start of Alfred's zest for inventive experimentations in chemistry and alchemy.


Alfred's First Beer

Alfred tastes his first beer at the farm of his uncle Günter von Zuckmantel / Zlaté Hory. (the year of the birth of both Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin, the year when new stories of Sherlock Holmes were published, the official founding of the Coca-Cola Company... the magic nine)


Alfred at the Grammar School Lab

Alfred's first modest laboratory in a converted gazebo / garden shed in his parents' garden.


Invention of the SMALL BEER

This year marks the natural development that results in the so-called "Beernitz Beer Insert" which later becomes the predecessor of the Small beer with a volume of 0.3 litre, the ultimate result of the invention.


Invention of the Microbrewery

Thanks to his visionary obsession with both miniaturization and quality, Alfred Beernitz invents the Microbrewery which has in modern history become a hit with Euro-Atlantic culture.

1896 - 1899

First Trip to New York

Alfred leaves for his first trip to New York to discover the New World and admire the environment of progress.


Meeting Nikola Tesla

The young Alfred meets the inventor and pioneer of his time Nikola Tesla at Niagara Falls, at the Tesla designed and recently completed hydroelectric power station, supplying power to the State of New York. Alfred also visits Tesla's laboratory. Since that time, they have exchanged countless letters. Meeting Nikola Tesla is one of the key moments in Alfred's life, becoming the fundamental engine of discovery, invention and exploration.


Alfred's First Centre of Invention

After his return from the USA, Alfred builds his first Centre of Invention in Freiwaldau / Jeseník and his first independent laboratory. With passion and energy, he plunges into new research, enriched by new knowledge from his trips overseas.


Centre of Invention Demolished

Alfred's first Centre of Invention and independent laboratory in Freiwaldau / Jeseník is demolished. The building's stability was impaired by one of Alfred's experiments which rendered it unfit for further use.


Discovery of the Molecular Formula of Longevity

Alfred discovers his alchemical molecular-biological formula and its unexpected connection to the equation and chemical composition of the elixir of longevity.


Alfred Meets His Future Wife

In the Vienna Opera, Alfred meets his future wife Antonia Luft, daughter of the industrialist Luft who later plays a key role in establishing the Lufthansa airline. Alfred starts to enjoy a short period of joy and love.


Married to Antonia

Alfred's dream comes true. The marriage with Antonia makes Albert explode with joy and zest for life.


Unexpected Death of Alfred's Father Albert

Alfred's joy does not last long. Shortly after the wedding, his father dies unexpectedly.


Establishment of the Scientific Institutes of Brewing

The Scientific Institutes of Brewing arise as a combination of the Malting College and the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting. In 1918, the group of schools are supplemented by the newly formed Secondary School of Brewing. Alfred Beernitz supports this initiative as a signatory.


Establishment of the Secret Omnipotus Fellowship

In 1914, Alfred founds a secret society named the Omnipotus Fellowship. 1914 also marks a breakthrough in Alfred's studies and experiments. From this year on, however, he ceases to publish his findings and begins to work secretively.

1914 - 1918

First World War

The Great War troubles Alfred and leads him to greater social engagement in the trive for peace. Alfred sets out on the road to inventions that would benefit the world and bring harmony.

1915 *

Birth of Son Eduard

The birth of his son Eduard makes Alfred estatic at the age of forty. However, his beloved wife Antonia dies of infection only three months later.

1917 ✝✝

Brother Alfonz Dies in Combat

The last two tragic blows of this sad decade: Albert's brother Alfonz dies as an officer of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Battle of Caporreta. A month after that, his mother Frederika dies as well.


End of the Monarchy

Declaration of the independent Czechoslovakia separated from the Habsburg Monarchy. State of emergency is declared in the borderland of Jeseníky and in other regions of the country, lasting until 1920. Alfred leaves the region.

1918 - 1920

Second Visit to the USA

On March 7, 1918, Alfred sets out by ship for his second trip to the United States. On-board the ship, he meets the Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and during the ocean voyage, he has the chance to discuss the future of the nascent Czechoslovakia, the coexistence of Czechs and Germans and also the development of science in Europe. Alfred meets T. G. Masaryk several times more to the New York.

1921 - 1939

Return to Jeseníky

Alfred Beernitz returns to Silesia and Jeseníky mountains looking for solace after a difficult decade. He considers this return as a fresh start with his six-year old son Eduard. Alfred dedicates time to his son's education, to new inventions and to experiments in achieving longevity and strengthening the immunity of the human body.1921 - 1939


Alfred Strives to Counter the Outbreak of War

Alfred Beernitz strives to reverse the negative European and world affairs in the hope that the magic number 39 holds the key to solving world conflicts and to finding peace among people. Aware of the fundamental significance of the year 1939, he makes efforts in the political and scientific arena, lobbying among the representatives of world leaders, offering his longevity recipe in an attempt to avert global conflict. However, he does not find understanding.

1939 ?

Year of the Alleged Death of Alfred Beernitz

On September 1, 1939, Alfred takes a stroll on to the Goldkoppe hill, now called Zlatý Chlum hill. At noon, the sky becomes overcast and around the top of the hill, a never-before-seen number of bolts of lightning are visible, lashing against the peak and even setting part of the forest on fire. The witnesses testify to this natural phenomenon's unprecedented nature. The next day, a small body is found on site at the hill top, burned beyond recognition. No one ever sees Alfred after this incident. After several weeks of searching in the local woods, the locals make a dignified farewell, but do not conduct the usual funeral ceremony. According to the last will of Alfred Beernitz, the remains of the found body are not buried in the grave prepared for him, but instead, they are shipped to Hamburg, loaded on an ocean liner and lowered into the water in the middle of the Atlantic ocean ceremoniously in the presence of his son and several friends.


Beginning of World War II

The beginning of the Second World War - the start of the Third Reich in the Czech-Sudetenland borderland. Alfred's sinister premonition is fulfilled, however, he no longer is there to comment on it or do anything about it.

1941 *

Birth Of Antonín Beernitz

Eudard Beernitz's son Antonín is born, becoming the hope of the family and the successor to their endeavours.


A Message to the Dear Ones

It becomes known that the family of Alfred Beernitz, namely his son Eduard, had received a handwritten letter in which Alfred allegedly describes the reasons for his disappearance, as well as his disappointment with the turn of world affairs and his own failure to halt the bloodshed of the Second World War.


Tracking Beernitz

Beernitz was reportedly seen in the USA, Massachusetts, among the scientists from Harvard University.


"Golden Beverage of Longevity" Book

The book "Golden Beverage of Longevity" is published under the pseudonym Aveo Cervisia (from Latin "lasting", "long-term", "long-lived" / "beer"). The authorship of the book is, however, credited by many - due to its style and referred research - to Alfred Beernitz himself.

1969 ?

Last Testimony

Last testimonies recorded mention the possible appearence of Alfred Beernitz at the Scientific Institute in Santiago, Chile, as the eccentric scientist named Aveo Cervisia who reportedly often spoke about the beauty of Central Europe - and particularly of the Jeseníky Mountains.

1975 *

Birth of the Great-Grandson Stanislav

A Beernitz is born to the family line, who will one day resurrect his famous great-grandfather's legacy.


Discovery of the First Scroll of Alfred Beernitz

The first scroll of Alfred Beernitz is found, describing some components of the beverage of longevity. The discovery raised some suspicion that Alfred might have foisted it on site himself, or that before his alleged death, he had planned the revelation of the first of a series of scrolls that began to appear from that year onwards.


Discovery of the Second Scroll (Scroll of Revelation II)

At another place in Jeseník, another unobtrusive scroll is discovered in an aluminium casing, which expands on the information of the previous discovery.


Discovery of the Third Scroll (Scroll of Revelation III)

This third scroll was discovered in the best condition, but the message it contains is encrypted. The encryption has not been broken to this very day. Only its last part is not encrypted.


Discovery of the Laboratory Console

The discovery of a laboratory console with a mysterious ampoule which was submitted for examination to the most prestigious university dealing with molecular biology in the USA - Harvard University, Massachusetts.


Puzzle and the Arrival of Stanislav Beernitz

The great-grandson of Alfred Beernitz, Stanislav, comes with an additional part of his great-grandfather's puzzle which has reportedly been kept as a family legacy for many decades. He puts effort into building the Invention Centre of Alfred Beernitz and establishes contacts with local visionaries who help him build the centre in remembrance of the legacy of the significant native of Jeseníky.


The Restoration of the Legacy of Alfred Beernitz

The successful restoration of the legacy of Alfred Beernitz. Gradual renewal of the Centre of Beer Inventions in Jeseník thanks to the initiative of Stanislav Beernitz and local enthusiasts. Gradual development of the exhibition.